Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New work on my website - Ireland

Hello all!

I've not been on here recently, but have been slowly going through my photographs from Ireland. I do always tend to take a while to work through my photographs, as I like to get some distance from the original experience to make sure that my love for an photograph has more to do with the photograph and less to do with the experience I had taking the photograph. Meaning if I had a blast while exploring a ruin I might be more inclined to love the photographs because they were fun to make. Or if I had a lousy time taking the photographs I might be inclined to dislike the photographs based on the experience. If I put some time between me and the experience, I feel like I can be more objective in my editing, and hopefully release better photographs to the world then I would otherwise.

Hopefully you will agree and enjoy this new gallery, (not very creatively titled) "Latest Work".

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