Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Photography Blogs I follow

If you are starting out learning how to photograph and learning how to develop your skills and style, it can be helpful to follow some great photographers with similar photography philosophies as yourself.

For me that would be photographers that consider themselves artists, or at least that I would consider artists, rather then strictly documentary photographers. I also prefer to follow photographers that are more interested in their vision and passion than the latest photo gear.

So here's my list of "must read" photographer's blogs:

David DuChemin is a "World and Humanitarian Photographer" who works with NGOs and spends quite a bit of his time teaching photography through blogging, writing, and workshops. One of his motto's is "Gear is Good, Vision is Better" which is a great philosophy for photography!

Jim Brandenburg is based out of Minnesota and I've been to his gallery in Ely, MN several times. He's worked for National Geographic, and took one of National Geographic's top 50 nature photographs of all time. His photography is beautiful, and I follow his blog to see his new work.

Cole Thompson is a black and white fine art photographer, and his photography is amazing. I'm a huge fan of his Monolith Series and his Harbinger Series. His blog is also interesting as his photography philosophy makes a lot of sense to me. He posts about his post processing, and his photography excursions.

Andy Biggs spends most of his time photographing in Africa. He teaches workshops in Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, etc.  I like to read his blog and dream about being in Africa!

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