Monday, January 5, 2015

Animal Art - Learning to draw

Charcoal drawing from my final project in Drawing II

Last year for my New Years Resolution, I decided that I wanted to learn how to paint. My local University does offer painting classes, but to take painting, you first have to take Drawing I and Drawing II. For some reason the idea of drawing classes worried me way more then painting classes. I tend to like abstract paintings (like Rothko!) so I didn't really feel I needed to learn to draw first....
I was seriously apprehensive, but being that I was determined to learn to paint, I decided to push through learning to draw. Anyway, after two semesters of drawing, I think I've learned quite a bit, and turns out I like drawing... a lot! 

Charcoal drawing from my final project in Drawing II

The messier the drawing material the more I liked to. Charcoal, pastels, ink, mixed media. I love it all. I think I'm also starting to develop a style in my drawings. Dark, heavy and expressive! My professor referred to it as "unapologetically confident".

Even though it's such a different a medium then photography, I still chose wildlife and animals as my subject(not really a surprise!). I love the fact that you could make up anything you want in a drawing (I even created a half alligator/half salmon creature for one drawing!) - so different from my photography where I'm entirely dependent on things outside my control. And the act of getting my hands dirty and covered with media was very appealing. I do believe that any artistic endeavor can improve creativity, and hopefully improve my primary creative outlet - photography. 

So while I wasn't able to learn painting last year, with two semesters of drawing instead, I'm now all set to learn painting this year in 2015. 

Mixed Media drawing from my color project in Drawing II

So how are you all doing this year? Did you get your goals accomplished in 2014? Or at least make good progress towards them?

Are you learning anything new and fun? And perhaps surprising yourself?  Let me know in the comments! 

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