Monday, April 1, 2013

Print of the Month - April - Wild Stallion

It's already the month of April if you can believe it!  Although we still have snow on the ground here in North Dakota, I'm looking forward to Spring migration of raptors and waterfowl!

Anyway, for the month of April I've chosen one of my all-time favorite photos for "Print of the Month". This photo of a gorgeous black stallion was taken in Theodore National Park. They have a beautiful herd of wild horses, and this stallion was ever-vigilant in watching over the herd. While most of the herd grazed, he and one mare would always keep watch for danger. I was able to approach the herd quite closely(ever mindful of his body language to make sure I wasn't too close), and I feel amazingly privileged that they allowed me to spend this time with them and photograph them.

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