Monday, March 4, 2013

Triptychs - I love them so much

Title: Pacific Dawn I

One thing I've noticed about myself... I love triptychs! I've noticed over and over again in my work that I'll have three photographs that go very well together... almost like I planned it... Well... I don't think I've ever specifically planned a triptych, I just take photos in a series that go together and often I'll end up with three that would look amazing framed together on a wall. I even have a few different triptychs hanging in my house - cheetahs in the living room, abstracts in the bedroom, and three from my migration series in my office. I'm definitely wanting to put this "Pacific Dawn" trio somewhere - just have to find the wall space!

Have a fantastic Monday, and thanks for stopping by!

Title: Pacific Dawn II

Title: Pacific Dawn III

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