Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why is it difficult to choose art?

I think many people are somewhat intimidated buying art. Maybe they are afraid of buying the wrong thing? Maybe they feel like they don’t know enough about art to make an investment in it. Maybe they’re afraid they’ll invest and change their mind?

I personally think the best way to buy art is to simply buy something because you love it. If you love it, it can'tt be the wrong thing. If you love it, does it matter if you don’t know a lot about art? If you love it – you won’t change your mind.

If you are concerned about the long term commitment of investing in art, think of it this way: If you spend $100 on art you love, and you keep loving it for even 5 years – you've spent only $20 a year on it. That breaks down to .04 cents a day. That's by far one of the most economical ways to make are room "sing" to you when you enter it. How much are we willing to spend on a Coach bag? More than $100. Will we love it in five years? Maybe if we are lucky. How much do we spend a day on coffee? I know I spend more then .04 cents a day on coffee? Something that is going to be so visible in your home, and hopefully bring a smile to your face every time you see it is worth a little bit of investment.

Just my thoughts on the issue. What are you willing to splurge on in life?  Is $100 for art even considered a splurge?

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