Thursday, July 12, 2012

Story behind the Image: Misty Fjord Waterfall

 Misty Fjord Waterfall

While in the Ketchikan area of Alaska, we took a float plane tour of the Misty Fjord Wilderness area. This was my second time on a float plane, so I wasn't nearly as nervous as the first time - I knew the take off and landing weren't as scary as my brain had originally thought it would be. The Misty Fjord Wilderness area of Alaska is an awe-inspiring place. Mountains tower into low clouds which can be a little bit nerve-wracking as you hope that you won't have a mountain suddenly appear right in front of your plane! Fjords of the Pacific Ocean run through the mountains and at the highest areas there was still a lot of snow even at the end of May. The snow melting on the tops of the mountains produces these majestic waterfalls that fall into the Pacific Ocean. This area is not accessible by car, and can only be accessed by boat or plane. Our pilot landed us out in the wilderness on the water and allowed us to step out of the plane onto the floats if we were brave enough. This photograph was taken while standing on the floats of the plane, and lets just say that the floats don't feel very stable out there on the water, unless you hang on to the side of the plane. Since stable pictures require two hands on the camera, I did have to balance to take this photo - but the sensation that I was about to fall into the freezing cold water kept me close enough to grab the plane if necessary!

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