Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Story behind the Image: Stranded Iceberg

I recently went on vacation, and vacations for me mean - photography. I always prefer to choose someplace that is exotic and photogenic. My idea of photogenic might not always be the same as others. I imagine a lot of people prefer sandy beaches and sunsets, and while I love both of those, they don't inspire me the same way that more "exotic" places do. My idea of exotic is usually something a little surreal. Like 300 meter tall apricot sand dunes in the Namib desert, or icebergs in Alaska, and maybe some day the South Pole. I do admit that photographs of icebergs and sand dunes may not be everybody's cup of tea - but it inspires me.

The photo above was taken from the balcony of my suite on Carnival Spirit - on my Alaska cruise. When I saw that glowing iceberg trapped above the low tide water line, I knew I had to photograph it. The sun filtering through the trees and down onto the green Pacific Ocean water added to image. I love this image as it seems almost like a magical land with jewels as big as icebergs waiting to be discovered.

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