Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Magazine Submission of the Year

In my Plans blog post last week I mentioned that I was going to start several new marketing campaigns this year and blog about them. My main reason for blogging about them is that it will keep me motivated and honest. Making the plan but not telling anyone only makes me accountable to myself... no one else would know if I slacked off. However, posting it on the internet... obviously makes me accountable to a lot more people! The secondary reason for blogging about it, is that there might be people out there, who like me, sometimes get lost when it comes to this whole marketing thing. Maybe you have the same questions as me... such as" How do I tell people about my art?" or "Who do I tell?"  or "How do I find the people who would be interested in my work?" etc. So I thought if I blogged about what I tried and how well it works or doesn't work, then maybe I can help someone else out in the process.

One of my goals this year was to send out a least one submission to a magazine each month. Submissions can be a lot of work, if you want them to look professional, so that's why I specified one a month. Obviously I would like to get more sent out than just 12 this year, but my goal needed to be accessible.

Well, I've already taken care of this goal for the month of January. I got several images submitted to a magazine, and now I just have the long process of waiting to hear back. At this point I don't want to go into the who and what - as in what pictures sent to which magazine, but I definitely will if I get accepted.  I still am hoping to get another magazine submission sent off before the end of the month, too.

If you are also an artist or photographer, and you feel you're ready to be published, I urge you to identify a magazine that would be a good fit for your work, find their submission guidelines and get a submission package sent off to them.

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