Friday, October 7, 2011

Namibia Day 14: Travel Day

Young Black-backed Jackal

Jackals were abundant in Etosha National Park. We honestly lost count of how many we saw. They were even in the camp at night - especially outside the restaurant(hoping for handout - I suspect). In fact one ran within a few feet of our table one night.

However, as soon as you arrive in Etosha you see warning that the jackals might have rabies - so seeing them run past your table in the dark is a little less fun when you're not sure if they might have rabies.

Lilac Breasted Roller

The Lilac Breasted Roller was also abundant in Etosha. I'd been wanted to photograph these colorful birds ever since a missed opportunity at Kruger National Park several years ago.

Black-Shouldered Kite

We left Etosha at around noon on our way to the Waterburg Plateau area. We were staying the night in Frans Indongo Lodge. The lodge was a lovely place and they do offer game drives on their property. They have quite a large selection of antelopes but they are all extremely skittish of the game drive vehicles - which I did find a little disturbing.  I was able to photograph a vulture with it's nest which is something I'd never seen before and that was pretty cool.

Cape vulture at nest

At this point our trip was mostly coming to an end - we only had one full day in Namibia left and then we were heading out of the country on the Trans-Kalahari Highway. Going through Botswana and down into South Africa. But we had one more amazing stop left on our journey, and hopefully I'll get that written up soon.


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