Monday, December 14, 2009

Wild Horses

While in Theodore Roosevelt National Park late this Summer I got to photograph some wild horses. This was the one animal I had really hoped to see, and I was able to get within about 5 yards of them on foot. It was truly amazing.

The behavior was amazing to watch. The stallion kept constant watch while the herd was grazing. Most of the time a mare would stand right beside him watching the opposite direction. After a while the mare would go eat and another would take her place keeping watch.

They did not seem overly concerned by cars, or even when I got out of the car to approach them on foot. They did seem to have a comfort zone, and if you got beyond it the stallion would toss his head and stomp on the ground. That was enough warning for me. The colt pictured at the top did seem to get a bit nervous when I got down on the ground for a different angle, so I didn't stay on the ground long. I guess as long as you stuck to the expected behavior and didn't get too close they could ignore you and go about their business.

I'm looking forward to going back and seeing more!


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth:
You just hit on one of my favorite places to photograph, TRNP....Still seems to be so undiscovered...I was back out there again in October and followed the horses for a while again.......Thanks for the great shots....Fitz from Ely,

Beth Wold said...

Fitz - Thanks for the comment, and the compliment!

August was my first time at TRNP and I loved it. Definitely hope to get back, and would love to see these horses again!

Thanks again for the comment.